One day, a thirsty mouse put his greedy chin in a pool, filling himself with honey-sweet water. The many-voiced grace of the marsh looked down. 

"How can you make me a friend? I am not the same in nature." 

"Climb onto my back and take hold of me, lest you slip off, so that you may come joyfully to my home."

A water snake suddenly appeared, an unpleasant sight for the both of them. He held his neck erect above the water. 

"You will not go unnoticed by the gods, Puff-cheek, having done this!"

"But come! Ready yourselves, and let us go forth after them!"

"Having armed ourselves, let us all stand together along the steep banks!"

First Loud-shouter hit Lick-man in the belly with his spear. Dampfred was killed by the noble Pot-visitor, who hit him in the head with a boulder."

This mouse threatened to take the frogs by storm.

They snipped the mice's tails and also their feet and hands. Their spears were bent back. 

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